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GBF Slovakia s.r.o. has been established in 2008 following a transformation of GBF s.r.o. and Slovakia Technology s.r.o.. GBF s.r.o. was present on the market since 1994 as provider of services and counseling in the field of construction of the technological units. In 2009, after transformation with Slovakia Technology, a portfolio of offered services has been supplemented with complex engineering activities in the industrial construction and production and installation of the technological units.

Construction management is performed in the form of project management according to the PMI® standards (Project Management Institute), considered in long term the most effective standards for the project management. Within a scope of engineering services rendered we are specialized in advisory, counseling and analytical support for the investor and supply side. Out activities are performed in the form of partner relations with the Customers to maximize result of the project being implemented in the terms of costs, timely performance and quality.



Our Company´s objective is development of the long-term relations with Customers relating to delivery of the professional services, top quality products, and fast response and reaction to any potential requirements.

Advisory services for provision of the contractual relations connected with project performance to achieve the planned cost parameters, timely performance and quality.

  • Monitoring of contractual performance and counter-performance.
  • Registration of essential milestones of contract performance and objective review of such milestones in the regular evaluation report.

Advisory services focused on optimization for improvement of the quality, budget and schedule parameters in comparison with original plan.

  • Consulting and optimization of the implementation project before order allocation.
  • Comments to the budget, optimization of included items and pointing out of any omitted items.
  • Comments to the schedule in respect to the implementation documentation with follow-up suggestions to such schedule.
  • Regular monitoring of planned schedule performance and objective review of such schedule in the regular evaluation report.

Advisory services in the field of impact assessment of the induced and required changes, and support for revision procedure management.

  • Operative assessment of impacts of the induced and required changes in terms of schedule, budget and quality.
  • Revision procedure management support.
  • Effective support of communication with contractual partners including the induced changes and follow-up revision procedure to achieve a mutual satisfaction of the contractual parties.

Engineering Activity

On-site supervision (construction, technological, electrical engineering supervision) and activities of construction manager according to the Act No. 138/1992 Coll. in the following areas:

  • Building constructions.
  • Engineering structures.
  • Technical, technological and power equipment of constructions.

Final success of any project or business depends not only on fact how good you are in designing and construction but also on fact how good people prepared by you for operation and maintenance activities are.

Pre-project preparation

  • Project initiation and definition
  • Project scope
  • Initial project planning
  • Risk assessment
  • Benefit assessment
  • Project solution
  • Project schedule
  • Project costs - budget
  • Project team forming

Project management of construction

  • FAT (factory acceptance test) - inspection of supplies at Supplier
  • Supply
  • SAT (site acceptance test) - in-situ inspection of supplies
  • Installation
  • Revision procedure

Project manager for start-up and commissioning

  • Training - practice
  • Functional tests
  • Complex tests
  • Trial operation
  • Commissioning
  • Hand over for operation

Project manager for project completion

  • Final building approval
  • Evaluation of project results (make-good analysis)
  • Project closing


2018 - TERMOSTAV-MRÁZ - No.13 Hot Blast Stove Reconstruction at Blast Furnace No.1 DP Blast Furnaces USSK - engineering activities

2015 - SIGMA DIZ - Upgrade of cooling capacity for desulphurization in DP Cokery - engineering activities

2014 - MAKS-D - Emergency tanks in DP Cokery - engineering activities

2013 - LABO-SK - Advisory and engineering services for performance of investment projects

2012 - SKANSKA SK - Supplies of technological parts for the Oxidation furnace - Galvanizing line No. 1

2012 - ALU TIGER Nemecko - Advisory services for granting of the government investment incentives

2011 - 1. Projektová s.r.o. - Erection of the mini steel plant Strážske - engineering activities

2010 - POTRUBIE - Coking gas pressure regulation in the Coke battery No. 1 & No. 3 - engineering activities

2010 - NORSTAR Corporation Ltd. - Advisory services for investment projects in Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and former Soviet Union countries

2009 - KOSIT - Advisory services for investment projects in Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and former Soviet Union countries

2006 - SKANSKA SK - Advisory and engineering services for installation of technological part - Galvanizing line No. 3

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GBF Slovakia s.r.o.
Werferova 1
040 11 Košice
Slovak Republic


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